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Islamic Psychology: Human Behaviour and Experience from an Islamic Perspective

penulis: Dr G. Hussein Rassool

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Islamic Psychology or ilm an-nafs (science of the soul) is an important introductory textbook drawing on the latest evidence in the sub-disciplines of psychology to provide a balanced and comprehensive view of human nature, behaviour and experience. Its foundation to develop theories about human nature is based upon the writings of the Qur’an, Sunna, Muslim scholars and contemporary research findings.

Synthesising contemporary empirical psychology and Islamic psychology, this book is holistic in both nature and process and includes the physical, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions of human behaviour and experience. Through a broad and comprehensive scope, the book addresses three main areas: Context, perspectives and the clinical applications of applied psychology from an Islamic approach.

This book is a core text on Islamic psychology for undergraduate and postgraduate students and those undertaking continuing professional development in Islamic psychology, psychotherapy and counselling. Beyond this, it is also a good supporting resource for teachers and lecturers in this field.

Dr G. Hussein Rassool is Professor of Islamic Psychology, Consultant and Director for the Riphah Institute of Clinical and Professional Psychology/Centre for Islamic Psychology, Pakistan. He is accountable for the supervision and management of the four psychology departments, and has responsibility for scientific, educational and professional standards, and
efficiency. He manages and coordinates the RICPP/Centre for Islamic Psychology programme of research and educational development in Islamic psychology, clinical interventions and service development, and liaises with the Head of the Departments of Psychology to assist in the integration of Islamic psychology and Islamic ethics in educational programmes and development of research initiatives and publication of research.

updated: 1 April 2024

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